Hey, I'm Akhil

I'm an Android and Web Developer. I am Good at Android Development with specific expertise in Android SDK, Google Maps API, Firebase API, working with RESTful APIs and Google Play Store Deployment.
I'm a Geography, Global Politics, Hollywood Movies, History, Space, Marvel and Elon Musk Enthusiast. And I like to keep up with National, Global and Tech Current Affairs.

Akhil Marsonya


I keep up with New Tech and Programming Languages.
Thanks to the Internet, FreeCodeCamp, TeamTreeHouse, Coursera, and many other Platforms.

  • Android Studio Proficient
    Android SDK - UI - UX - Google Maps API - RESTful APIs - Streaming Sockets - GPS - Deploying to Google Play
  • Java Proficient
  • Google Firebase Expert
  • JavaScript Competent
  • HTML Proficient
  • CSS Competent
  • Bootstrap Competent
  • jQuery Competent
  • PHP Beginner
  • SQL Competent
  • AngularJS Novice
  • C++ Competent
  • Excel Proficient
  • Linux Beginner
  • Powerpoint Competent
  • Photoshop Competent


  • Verto 2.0

    Personal | Active | Firebase

    Verto 2.0 collects your data from Lovely Professional University's UMS and then provides access and analysis of this data on Android Phone. Students get amazing insights and analysis of their Data.

  • Fleetomoto

    Capstone | In Development | Node.js Server

    It allows an Owner keep track of all his Vehicles. It provides realtime tracking, detailed reports, realtime vital information, playback historical rides, and many more features

  • Verto 2.0 Extension

    Personal | Active | Firebase

    It is a Google Chrome Extension. It collects Data from LPU's Web based University Management System Website and uploads it to Verto 2.0 Android App's Firebase Database.

  • LPU Marks Calc

    Personal | Active | Offline

    It saves LPU Students from tedious calculations to calculate passing Criteria for End Term Exams. It takes CA Marks, Mid Term Marks and Attendance and calculates passing marks accordingly.

  • Urban Pitara

    Freelacnce | In Development | Firebase

    It is an Android App for an Apparel, Decor and Accessories Outlet. The App has eCommerce Marketplace where users can Buy Products. It also features a Custom Products Section with Mockups.

  • Aviators

    Freelance | In Development | Firebase

    The App is for Managing Educational Venture. Trainees can view all information related to their registered courses. Trainers can upload Links, Materials and mark Attendance.

  • Attendance Scanner

    Freelance | Active | Firebase

    This App scans QR Code to mark Attendance. The Attendance marked is directly stored on the Cloud using Firebase. When a Staff Member scans a Code, after scanning Image Capture is propmted and uploaded to Firebase.


Creative, detail-oriented, always focused and gets serious when it comes to work.